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Visit at Govardhan Eco-Village, Mumbai, India

Members of the Swedish partner organization visited the Govardhan Eco-Village (GEV) close to Mumbai in February 2017 for a field trip. GEV has during the past ten years become famous not only in India, but also around the globe, for being one of India’s most successful and innovative Eco-Villages. GEV has…

Celebrating the Presentation of the Project ‘Simple Living – High Thinking’ in Sweden

On August 25th, 2016, ISKCON Korsnäs Gård in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrated the presentation of the project ‘Simple Living – High Thinking’ with members, guests and several VIPs including the Ambassador of India and two politicians from the local municipality. Welcoming the guests:        ‘Simple Living  – High Thinking’ is a strategic partnership project…

Yoga as a Way of Life

It has become commonplace to equate yoga with a specific set of exercises one performs in a specific time and place. We do yoga when we go to a yoga-class, or when we sit in meditation, whereas at other times, we do something else. But is there a gap between life and yoga? …

Partners of the project

  • ISKCON Korsnäs gård
  • ECO Valley Foundation
  • Drustvo za duso
  • Radhadesh ASBL
  • Sanga