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Celebrating the Presentation of the Project ‘Simple Living – High Thinking’ in Sweden

On August 25th, 2016, ISKCON Korsnäs Gård in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrated the presentation of the project ‘Simple Living – High Thinking’ with members, guests and several VIPs including the Ambassador of India and two politicians from the local municipality. Welcoming the guests:        ‘Simple Living  – High Thinking’ is a strategic partnership project…

Yoga as a Way of Life

It has become commonplace to equate yoga with a specific set of exercises one performs in a specific time and place. We do yoga when we go to a yoga-class, or when we sit in meditation, whereas at other times, we do something else. But is there a gap between life and yoga? …

Youth Exchanges

International or European youth exchanges are educational opportunities offered by the European Commission for young people to travel and enjoy intercultural experiences with people from all over Europe. Youth exchanges are meetings of short duration (six to fifteen days) in which different groups of young people from different countries come together to…

Partners of the project

  • ISKCON Korsnäs gård
  • ECO Valley Foundation
  • Drustvo za duso
  • Radhadesh ASBL
  • Sanga