Project Description


“Simple living-high thinking” is a Strategic Partnership project involving  youth workers and youth  from 5 partner organisations from Sweden,  Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia and Czech.  All the organisations are active in youth work, connected with areas of self-sustainability, healthy lifestyles and youth employment.  The partners expressed their mutual interest in creating a network based on strong partnerships aimed to connect more and exchange the good practices in relevant areas of their work.

The project will unite youth workers and youth around  the common idea of changing the youth employment paradigm from urban to rural, which will empower youth to act and receive truly useful rewards as part of the work that they are doing.

In addition to addressing challanges of life in the cities and  discussing the issues of  promoting a simple and healthy lifestyle, at the meeting partners will consider the possibilities of how to engage young people in developing organic gardening and to encourage compassion, solidarity, and active attitude towards modern challenges.

During the project participants will actively dive into topics and issues of  youth volunteering, social entrepreneurship, eco-tourism, self-sustainable farming, healthy living, and EU funding opportunities for future cooperation. Participants will share their knowledge and expertise in the field and try to find solutions for youth engagement in their activities.

The project will involve 3 meetings of youth workers and local youth in Sweden, Hungary and Belgium.  The meetings will be based on different combinations of outdoor activities (field trips, yoga), educational trainings (seminars, workshops on transversal skills and innovative methods of youth work), learning opportunities of European instruments/certificates (Youthpass, Europass CV) and practical management education (fundraising for organisations on national and international level, grant writing, Erasmus+ opportunities presentations). During the partner meetings, photos and videos of activities will be taken and put into media forms which summarize the events and practical results attained.

The three meetings:

In Sweden
preparatory event ( main themes: transversal skills development, outreach for youth)

In Hungary
practical development event (outdoor activities, healthy lifestyle)

In Belgium
summarization of the gained experiences (fundraising, entrepreneurship ideas for youth).

The OBJECTIVES of the project:

1) Creating a platform for a European network of organisations active in the areas of youth work, healthy lifestyles, youth unemployment and social entrepreneurship;

2) The partnership is aiming to directly tackle the problem of youth unemployment in modern society suggesting alternative ways of youth engagement by changing the urban-rural paradigm and empowering youth by nature itself;

3) Youth social entrepreneurship is an increasingly common approach to engaging youth in solving social problems. Our project promotes these efforts through a variety of incentives, engaging youth in producing environmentally-friendly products and putting them on business market;

4) Promoting healthy lifestyles through organic gardening, production of environmentally-friendly products, raising awareness on healthy relationships. These topics are very important in modern world and are officially stressed by the “Food group” in European Parliament, so we think that this project is parallel with their objectives and offers added value in finding the high-quality solutions achievable locally and globally;

5) Professionalisation and development of key competences and skills for youth workers;

6) Improvement of managerial skills through exchange of good practices in their work, which will result in better quality and increased motivation of the staff for their activities in youth working area;

7) Learning of innovative and improved ways of operating towards target groups, by providing more modern and attractive programs created at the meetings, for young people, volunteers and young NEET’s in line with their needs and expectations;

8) Getting more experience and develop knowledge in area of EU/local project management  and grant writing and in that way to find new financial resources for the projects (on local, regional and international level).