SANGA – project of friendship and cooperation
is non-profit organization which was officially established and registered in 2010. it arose as an natural sequel of previous longtime cooperation of people of similar thinking.


In the current classical model of education and thanks to financial barriers or other circumstances, many people today have no opportunity to get the necessary learning systems, information and knowledge. Therefore, we help to such persons and groups to bridge or even fill out this educational vacuum.


We want to allow especially young people, to engage in activities which  have a higher meaning for themselves and for society. We help them to feel needed and sufficiently trained in their areas of interest so that themselves could gradually become leaders and continue to pass on to the next generation what they have learned.


Education is only the first link in the whole chain of a full life. Therefore, we enable people to transfer the acquired knowledge and values into practice in the form of application of a healthy lifestyle. For wise and simple life in harmony with nature was valued_ in the past and it will have great value in the future as well, although it is often lacking in our own lives. Opportunity to participate and develop self-sufficiency projects gives people a much needed higher dimension of life.


As well as learning or practicing a healthy lifestyle it is also important and needed to have an sufficient cultural activities. Especially for the younger generation, the proper use of leisure time is very essential. Young people today are surrounded by many meaningless distractions and pitfalls. They sometimes get involved in criminal activities and use drugs.

Theatrical performance, which is one of our regular activities, is meant not only to fill free time as mentioned before, but also to revitalize imagination, artistic inclinations and right values of life. In this way the theater is still _quite unique in our technologically advanced society.

Goals of SANGA association are following:

 1.) To upraise the quality of life of members and whole society generally following principles of simple living and high thinking.

2.) To help members and persons from general public to overcome difficult situations in their life.

3.) To assist individuals and families with developing healthy life style and full-fledged human life.

4.) To support persons and organizations who endeavor to bring good human, moral and spiritual qualities and values back to human society.


Contact person: Josef Král,